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Daniel is the Operator and head coach of CrossFit Wichita Falls.He is a lifelong resident of the city. Before CrossFit he was in radio for a number of years as well as a personal trainer. At an early age he was involved in Martial Arts, studying years of Tae Kwon Do, Jeet Kun Do, Kali and grappling. He even had a stint as the White Power Ranger in the 90s. Additionally, Daniel was also a gymnastics coach, training with kids and adults. After discovering CrossFit, Daniel began to see the limits of health that tend to be reached at the typical big box gyms. It was evident to him that people wanting to be healthy for life, as well as their families, needed an effective system with a personal touch that wouldn’t lead to frustration and burnout. Daniel believes that CrossFit is a universal fit while still able to be completely tailored to individual needs. The group setting and personal coaching in every class strive to meet the needs of every person that comes through the door. Daniel enjoys spending time with his wife, two kids, and 4 (large) dogs as well as martial arts, playing music, and Olympic lifting. He has been doing CrossFit since 2007.

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Sam was originally CrossFit Level 1 certified in January 2009. CrossFit helped change his life and gave him a purpose: to introduce and get as many people excited about CrossFit as possible. He was a grad assistant at Midwestern State University coaching undergrad students in the fundamentals of powerlifting and CrossFit. He then opened his own affiliate in 2011 and operated that box, which is still thriving, until returning home with his wife and 3 boys in 2018 to become a co-owner of CrossFit Wichita Falls.


Brad was introduced to Crossfit 2007. At the time, he was suffering from chronic back pain, and after one workout he felt relief, and has never had back pain since. Needless to say, he was hooked. Brad began competing in triathlons, and used Crossfit endurance to supplement his triathlon regimen. After Brad’s second half Ironnman he went full time training Crossfit, eventually attending the Crossfit level one trainers course Aug 2012, and began coaching at Crossfit Wichita Falls Jan 2013. Brad coaches the On Ramp and Masters/Mobility classes, as well as helps run our Faith RX Chapter. He looks forward to working with you regardless of your current fitness level. “Everyone at Crossfit is an athlete, it’s just a matter of degree!”

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Pam started CrossFit in November 2012, 6 weeks after the birth of her second daughter. She had always been active and enjoyed working out, but CrossFit sparked a new desire for pushing herself to a new level. She enjoys the constantly varied intensity and camaraderie that CrossFit has to offer. Pam has played volleyball at the high school and college level and enjoys spreading her passion to those with collegiate sports goals. She feels that CrossFit challenges her in new ways that carries over in preparing her athletes to compete. She currently coaches the “Women’s Only’ class, CrossFit Kids Program, and is head coach for the highly popular Teens Strength and Conditioning Camp. CrossFit has become a family affair, where Pam and her husband Jeremy enjoy getting to share a healthier lifestyle with their two daughters, Joy and Norah,and their son Zane.

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Brian “FRODO” Wood is a 20+ year US Air Force veteran fighter pilot, airline pilot and graduate of the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, CO. He was born and raised in Zephyrhills, FL. Brian has an extensive lifelong athletic background at the high school, collegiate and post-collegiate levels. Brian’s early athletic passions came in the form of soccer, cross-country running, road cycling and mountain bike racing.In late 2016 just after his son Grayson was born, Brian elected to have a groundbreaking hip replacement procedure (Birmingham Hip Resurfacing), which further gave him the confidence and the continued range of motion required to perform at the highest levels of fitness. Brian continues to hit both strength and METCON PRs in his own training on a daily basis!

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Peter was stationed here after being in the Army as a MLRS Crewmember. He was a manager at a big box gym and saw people struggle with burnout, frustration and over all just disappointing “traditional” methods of training. When Peter discovered CrossFit in 2007 there was no looking back. He is currently the coach of our On Ramp class, letting him redirect head on the frustration that led him to seek CrossFit in the first place. When he is not coaching, he is serving the community as a police officer with the WFPD. He spends his off time relaxing at home, reading, and hanging out with his wife Chelsea and their two kids.

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Dianne fell in love with CrossFit in June 2012. She fell in love with CrossFit because it has helped her to become healthier than she had ever been previously. Dianne is doing things she once thought were impossible. She has gone on to break records in her age group for Olympic lifting and has been featured in a book on Masters strength programming. She has a passion for our kids program. Dianne loves watching the excitement in the kids as they learn new things

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Josh is originally from Havelock, North Carolina. Being from a military family,he has moved around some of his life, however, has lived in Wichita Falls for seventeen years now. When he isn’t working as a computer network specialist and climbing 1000ft towers, Josh enjoys spending time at the CrossFit box helping people or hanging out with his wife Diana and their dog Jack.

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JJ grew up in the small town of Holliday, Tx. Being from the very competitive background he has always found himself striving to be the best at his craft. After a small stint in semipro football and two a days at MSU JJ found himself unable to fulfill his competitive void. JJ was introduced to Crossfit in 2013. At the time, he was very inactive and would spend most of his time working nights. So for their New Years revolution JJ and his wife Corie decided to go to their first class on January 1! One class was all it took to know this was where they belonged. Since joining Crossfit he has never looked back. With studies in Biology and Exercise Physiology from MSU JJ is always reading and exploring ways to better the movement of the body #functionalfitness. JJ is a level 1 Trainer, USAW Senior Athlete/Sports Performance Coach, as well as a active USAW lifter (hosting a 300lb snatch). JJ has made it a goal to become a nationally rank Olympic weightlifter. After working nights JJ has transitioned into our 05:30 and 06:30 class bright and early. “Some dream of success while others wake up and work for it”

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