Frequently Asked Questions


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  • What’s the best substitute for rope climbing?

    A really good way to substitute is to use the low hanging ropes and lay in the ground and do what is a “floor to standing”. You pull to a standing position. This allows you to feel what it’s like to hold the rope as you build technique!

  • What kind of situp should I do for the WODs?

    Whatever you like; recommend picking one style and sticking with it so you can compare performance over time. Lots of folks like the ab-mat.  Arms extended  behind head, feet anchored, knees open�. All the way back until base of shoulder-blades hit the floor; up to near vertical. The best choice is to ask your coach

  • Am I required to attend On-Ramp my first month?

    Yes, everyone is required to go through our introductory class called On Ramp. This will prepare you for the daily WODs and also give you the tools to learn all the terminology. If you are coming from another CrossFit or have experience, Coach Brad will do an assessment and see if you are prepared for

  • What is a “WOD”?

    “Workout Of the Day” The WOD descriptions are very literal; don’t read into them. If it says “squats” it means bodyweight (aka “air squats”) – no added weight, unless it says back squats or front squats. A “rep” or repetition is one iteration of a movement. One bench press, one squat. A “set” is a

  • Do I need to be “In Shape” before starting?

    Great question! One of the things we hear the most here is “I would love to start but I need to get in shape first!” This is a misconception that often times will keep people from pursuing new health goals. So, in a word, no. A person does not have to be in athletic shape

  • Does the ‘On Ramp’ cost extra?

    Absolutely not! At CrossFit Wichita Falls, we feel that if we are requiring you to take a class, then it should naturally be part of your normal membership price. In fact, all of the special classes that we offer; such as Olympic Weightlifting, ROMWOD, On Ramp, Mobility etc. are all part of your normal membership

  • Do you have a kids program?

    YES! CrossFit Wichita Falls is proud to offer what we feel is one of the finest kids programs around. Our philosophy is that boys and girls of all ages respond best to working out when it is fun and challenging! Friendly competition is encouraged, although every child leaves feeling like a winner! Our large facility

  • Why CrossFit Wichita Falls ?

    We are a group of individuals that care about each other. It’s not uncommon to see the first finished to jump in with the last person done. We believe bringing the group up together makes us better stronger people. At CrossFit Wichita Falls, you have a second home.

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