Frequently Asked Questions


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Discounts available for Military(active duty only), LEO, and current students.


Drop in rate to try class is $20 or you can purchase a CrossFit Wichita Falls T shirt ($25). 

In town for one week or two? TDY? We offer an unlimited visit weekly rate at $40.



Today's Schedule: Wednesday

05.30 CrossFit
09.15 Crossfit
09.15 On Ramp
10.00 Open Gym
11.00 Masters and Mobility
11.00 Open Gym
12.00 CrossFit/ Open Gym
12.00 Open Gym
13.00 Open Gym
14.00 Open Gym
15.00 Open Gym
16.00 CrossFit
17.00 CrossFit
17.30 CoreFIT
18.00 CrossFit
18.00 On Ramp