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What does CrossFit Wichita Falls offer, and how much does it cost?

If you were to shop for a fitness program, it would be important to know what you are paying for.  We hope this section will convey the value of CrossFit Wichita Falls to our members. 

Unlike the typical gym membership, our rates are not based on our members simply gaining access to our gym facility and disappearing into the fray.  Quite the contrary; all of our classes are programmed and led by certified Crossfit instructors, and each class includes personal coaching and supervision throughout the entire workout.  Our member’s per class cost is less than 10% of the cost that you may find for comparable one-on-one personal training services provided by certified trainers at a conventional gym. 

How do we provide these services so comparatively inexpensive? 

The core training, as well as one of the most powerful benefits of our program, is our group classes.  Our small group classes create an environment that motivates and supports each of our members to constantly improve their fitness level, but the class structure also has a financial benefit.  Since the classes include multiple members, we are able to greatly reduce the per session cost to each member while still maintaining the optimal training and coaching quality. We have a full 12000 sq. feet of indoor gym space to use and virtually unlimited room to run outside, flip tires, and other various elements involved in the daily W.O.D.s!

Drop In – $25 or Purchase a T shirt 

TDY One Week Special – $50

3 visits a week- $125/month

Unlimited Visits (including Core Fit, Olympic Lifting and Extra)- $150/month

On Ramp $125.00 (This does not require additional monthly membership)

CrossFit Kids Drop In $10

CrossFit Kids monthly $65.00

CrossFit Kids 3 Month Membership $150.00

FAMILY RATES (All Unlimited)

Family of Two Unlimited $230.00

Family of three Unlimited $275.00

“All prices include tax”

*Refund requests must be 7 working days in writing after payment.

Check out our “specials” page for more info.

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