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Simply put, at CrossFit Wichita Falls, we are just people.  People just like you that realize that today’s hectic schedule takes more and more of a toll on our lives as we go on. If we don’t do anything to counteract this progression,  right now….today….is the healthiest you will ever be.

The good news is that we don’t have to accept that. With every rep, every awkward new move that we learn, every drop of sweat that hits the mat is a testimony to ourselves saying, “We refuse to stay the same”. We must change for our families, for our friends, and ourselves.

For years we hear things like “That’s just part of getting older”. Or “I’m just not that built that way”. While some of that is true, it’s hardly permanent like we are led to believe every day by our television commercials and media. Every day is a chance that you can get more functional, more able, more effective at every day life.

Come in and visit with what will soon be your new family and your second home. We are all in the boat of life together, now let’s help each other row.

Today's Schedule: Sunday

14.00 Open Gym